In partnership with Vi agroforestry, UNICOOPAGI is working with women and youth for economic empowerment.

They received trainings on various technical competences including: Farm enterprise development, Sustainable agriculture, agroforestry environment and climate change adaptation, leadership and good governance, gender equality.

For sustainability of cooperatives, The organization has put much efforts in mobilizing young people and women to join agricultural cooperatives. Successfully, UNICOOPAGI managed to increase youth membership whereby 357 young people under 35 have joined the primary cooperatives. This membership includes 111 males and 246 females.

4 youth groups supported to initiate farm enterprises (Irish potato, Tree tomato and passion fruits enterprises). Lime, manure and seeds were among the key supports provided. 4 youth groups trained and supported to initiate saving and lending groups, to facilitate them to have the capital to invest in farm enterprises.