MUSHIMIYIMANA Patricie is a farmer living in Nyagishubi Village, Ruhunga Cell in Kibirizi Sector in Nyamagabe District.

She was very poor with low agriculture production, lack of school fees for childrenAfter UNICOOPAGI/VI AGROFORESTRY’s trainings, She couldn’t earn money to solve household needs.

In her own words MUSHIMIYIMANA said:“The partnership with Viagroforestry through UNICOOPAGI has changed my life conditions. Due to different trainings received on agriculture techniques, the production has doubled, trainings on FED and AF nursery establishment opened my mind and I started tree tomato enterprise with 80 plants at the beginning. Today I can easily harvest between 16 and 20kgs per week sold on 100frs per kilogram”.

MUSHIMIYIMANA Patricie is thankful to Viagroforestry for the support, the money is getting from this enterprise is solving a number of things: paying school fees for his son who is now in secondary school, health insurance and purchasing agricultural inputs to increase agriculture production.

“I am very happy because tree tomato enterprise help me to support my husband for inclusive development of our family.” Patricie said.

As from now MUSHIMIYIMANA is planning to expand her enterprise inorder to earn more money and together with her husband they are planning to build a new house as the one they have is old.