KABAGANWA Marie Claire is a farmer living in Nyamagabe District uwinkingi Sector Munyege Cell, in Kanyampongo Village from COOPIMU Cooperative. low crop production, lack of food and money for medical insures and school fees for children are the main problems at household level.

UNICOOPAGI has been a great solution to my family problems where trainings and other facilities in partnership with Vi-Agroforestry, contributed to the increase of crop production and improved livelihood.

Today, the small livestock received helped the family to pay school fees for children, to improve soil fertility for agricultural production increase and to solve other household needs. As it was in her commitment Claire has managed to purchase a cow from pig rearing which is a great achievement of her family. She said:

My life has really changed I am thankful to Viagroforestry and project staff for trainings, advices and support provided to impact my family life. This cow is a great solution to my family, i have enough organic manure to increase the production, I will get much money from this livestock.