Tree planting 2018 Among Climate change adaptation and mitigation measures there is tree planting UNICOOPAGI supported the community to establish agroforestry nurseries around Nyamagabe District to avail seedlings for planting

In 2018, 4 agroforestry nurseries have been established in 4 Sectors: Kitabi, Kibirizi, Uwinkingi, and Buruhukiro. Among the seedlings produced there are grafted avocado, tree tomato, passion fruits, calliandra, acacia angustisma, leuceana, grevillea robusta, and Alnus.

After the seedlings have been produced UNICOOPAGI, prepared tree planting day whereby 207000 trees including 12000 fruits have been planted during that period. Agroforestry seedlings are very important in erosion control and other various roles : Fruits are used to improve nutrition at household; They are a source of income for households. calliandra, Leuceana, and acacia angustisma are used as fodder for animals, they are also a source of stakes for crops, fire wood and biomass for soil fertility improvement. Long term trees are used for firewood and timber production, biomass, construction and other different activities.