Community led planning and management for biodiversity protection and resilient communities in Southern Rwanda-Project Launch

 On 25th and 26th August, 2020, UNICOOPAGI launched a new project entitled “Community led planning and management  for biodiversity protection and resilient communities in Southern Rwanda”which is financed by JOA through Trocaire in Nyaruguru and Nyamagabe districts respectively.

The main outcomes of this project to be achieved are

Overall Objective: Rural, poor communities living around the NNP buffer zone are empowered to assess, plan and sustainably manage their land and common natural resources leading to more environmentally and economically sustainable and resilient communities.

Outcomes include:

  1. Targeted communities are managing and protecting local natural resources;
  2. Targeted vulnerable groups are engaging in alternative livelihood strategies and have access to and usage of saving and lending services;
  3.  Young people from the targeted communities are equipped with knowledge in, – and are actively promoting environmental protection and conservation in their Launch in Nyamagabe District
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