On the point of Agri extension UNICOOPAGI holds strong team reserved to make regular followup for farmers activities in the whole value chain.

The union technical team go with farmers on day to day basis in order to guide them in their farming activities with the purpose of improving their harvest in terms of Quantity and Quality

  • Promotion of Wheat Value Chain
  • Maize
  • Beans
  • Irish
  • Wheat
  • Livestock


Through AGAPE project implemented in partnership with Viagroforestry, UNICOOPAGI initiated the program of supporting poor households with small livestocks to solve the problems of soil infertility, low agricultural production and poverty in general. Since 2016, 100 poor families received 100 pigs.

The strategy to reach the big number of poor farmers was set in a such way that every farmer who receives the livestock should provide 2 piglets to 2families after it has given birth. This activity has contributed a lot to the social economic development of poor households in the region.

Today we account for 5627families received this support among the targeted 6032 poor households by December 2019.The program impacted the community in many ways: soil fertility improved due to organic manure, purchasing health insurance, school fees for children, 7families purchased cows from pig rearing, and 31families purchased lands parcels from this program.