In partnership with Viagroforestry, since 2015 UNICOOPAGI is supporting the community on radical terrace making.

Mr. RWABUKAMBIZA Venuste, The Project Coordinator at the same time The Program Director of UNICOOPAGI explains the importance of land terracing on the community:

Radical terraces are very important for the community especially for us who live in mountainous region; It is one of Sustainable land management practices that help farmers to adapt to climate change impact. Terraces contribute to soil erosion control, this allows the fields to hold water and organic manure to be used by the crops and hence increase agricultural production.

Our organization supported the community to create 28 hectares of radical terraces in Uwinkingi Sector in Nyamagabe District. During terracing activities the farmers are involved and trained so as to help them apply the acquired skills into their fields.