The climate change in now days disturb our plans as many disasters beat many region of the world

  • Anti Erosive Ditches creation

    Nyamagabe is a hilly District, this lead to soil erosion on hillsides,
    To solve this problem UNICOOPAGI partnered with Viagroforestry to support the community in anti erosive ditches creation. The project created 60 ha of anti erosion ditches on hillsides to protect Mushishito valey in Tare and Uwinkingi Sectors

  • Radical Terrace making

  • Rain Water harvesting

    230 households facilitated to have water tanks at household level
    These water harvesting structures help the community to control soil erosion, the water harvested from the roof of houses are used in vegetable production for resilience purposes.

    • Water ponds
    • Water tanks