UNICOOPAGI (Union des Cooperatives Agricoles Intégrées)registration number RCA/426/2012 is a Union of Agricultural Cooperatives headquartered at Nyamugali Cell, Gasaka sector, Nyamagabe District, Southern Province. UNICOOPAGI was created to foster community development by empowering people to build a better and sustainable development.

UNICOOPAGI started operation in 1991 and was known as Union des Cooperatives Agricoles de Gikongoro. Following the general assembly took place on 11th November 2009 the members of the Cooperatives agreed to change the name to Union des Coopératives Agricoles Intégrées.

The Union is composed by 34 cooperatives operating in Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru and Huye districts in the southern province. UNICOOPAGI has 2558 members with 1112 men and 1446 women.